The Environment





Environmental responsibility is important in all business. We are working in every way to help the planet. Now you can feel good knowing that your business partner is green. When you choose Darling, you choose to do something good for the environment. 





At Darling’s Trading, we constantly evaluate products that are environmental friendly. We look at the impacts on the environment of the raw material used. We try to substitute or replace parts that are better for the environment.


In an effort to reduce energy waste, we are proud that 95% of our computers and equipments are ENERGY STAR qualified. Fluorescent Bulbs are used throughout the facility. Energy-Smart climate control helped monitor and better manage utility usage.


We recycle everything we can, and avoid using materials that are not recyclable. 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) is the strategy we use for waste management. Darling’s Trading reduced paper waste by 70% compare to 2008. Did you know that the fax we sent you were all done electronically? Yes! no paper actually printed.

Business Partner

Environmental impact is one of our criteria for choosing our business partners. We b

elieve everyone and businesses have to work together, so the idea of saving the planet can actually work. Therefore, we carefully evaluate our partners and see how they dedicate to the environment. Did you know that our web hosting company uses “wind powered server”?

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